Baltimore police seek burglar in Camden Pub theft - WBAL Baltimore

That's since early Monday morning, the actual sports bar, positioned on Pratt Street plus a couple of blocks from Camden Yards, was patronized by a burglar.

"You feel totally violated," he said. "We were built using a great company weekend along with it had been most inside there. He got me in an excellent weekend. This is actually a fantastic bar," Dunham said. I do certainly not know if he knew in which nevertheless he got lucky."

But another type of theft can be receiving absolutely no applause. "You perform really tough to try to make money and then somebody requires in which from you."

Liberto mentioned he desires the images with the burglar out in the public hoping someone within the neighborhood understands some thing along with calls police.

The suspect had been captured upon surveillance video because he spent a couple regarding hours prying cash registers in the bar open just before utilizing a meals cart to be able to wheel away a new safe from Liberto's office. "You know the million items undergo your head, or even a random guy scoped us out thus hitting us."

"It tends for you to make your own blood boil, simply because you understand he's not really supposed being here," Camden Pub owner Pat Liberto said..

Camden Pub is a popular invest Baltimore to end up being able to cheer about stolen bases as well as interceptions.

What Liberto can't figure out is the means the burglar, apparently simply by himself., lifted the particular hefty safe more than the pub's high wall together with barbed wire on top along with got away.

Liberto mentioned he believes ahead of the man went after the cash registers, he pried open up the back door then rapidly cut the cord to the alarm box on the inside of the doorway before he pried open your workplace door.

"This can end up being a fantastic neighborhood. Liberto stated the actual burglar got away using 1000s of dollars.

"I don't recognize your guy," Liberto said. "We in no way believed that this would happen in order to us."

"It's an excellent atmosphere as well as for something such as this for you to take place is just unbelievable," Camden Pub bartender Tricia Dunham said.

"That was obviously a 200-pound steel safe that has been lifted right out involving here," Liberto said

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